Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Develop a Routine

I am finding that for me, the best way to make the most of my time is to develop a daily routine.

That routine will be different for each person depending on their best time to create and other factors that can affect them.

For me - if I start working on the business side of the biz first - or household things that need to be done -- I never seem to get around to working on the bears! I'm not sure why.... maybe because I feel I need to "finish the work" first before "playing". But if I don't get any bears created (play) I don't get paid! It's just that I really enjoy working on the bears so my mind thinks it is "play" and must wait till my chores are done LOL!

Then... there are my whippet girls :) They are much more sleepy in the morning... so it's also easier to work on bears then.

So what I'm trying out is to work on bears till noon -- then if other things need to be done, they can be done then (after the whippets go out anyways!) And if nothing else needs to be done... it's back to bears! At least some bear work gets done.

Also... it's OK if at first when you are trying to figure out the best routine for you -- that it doesn't quite work! Just keep tweaking it until you find what works best for YOU!

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