Friday, October 5, 2007

Software for Tracking Income & Expenses

What software do you use to keep track of your income and expenses? I used to use Excel. Then we got a new computer and no longer have the original Excel... we got some watered down version that I canNOT stand!

Even with the original Excel program though, it was very time consuming because I had separate sheets for each category of my expenses. I had to open up a new page each time I had a different type of expense to record. Now, this MIGHT be because I should have taken a class to learn how to really learn how to use Excel.... but I digress LOL!

I got to thinking about this when my friend Daphne Blau posted a question on Teddy Talk - a forum for bear makers and collectors. Her question was asking what Business software others used - if there was anything out there that could "do it all".

There were lots of great suggestions.... but nothing that jumped out at me. So I did a Google search for Craft Business software and found this: Art & Craft Business Organizer. This was created by John of using File Manager. I am LOVING this!

It allows you to customize your labels for expenses etc. I customized mine so that there is a tab for "Bear Making Supplies", "Show Fees", "Ebay Fees" etc... you get the idea.

It does take a little time to get it set up and to learn the software, but it is saving me so much more time in the long run. I did run into a glitch that I created when I tried to customize one of the tabs. I eliminated something I shouldn't have. I emailed John and got a response within 24 hours. I was very happy :)

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