Friday, July 25, 2008

HUGE Web Domain Name Price Increase!

I'm posting this as a business tip - or word warning....

You may have noticed that one of my hobbies - and source of extra income - are other websites. I have almost a dozen different domain names. Some are personal (like our family site and a few I got for my hubby's hobbies) and some are professional and bring in income. (besides my primary website for my bears)

It was fun and no trouble really... about $12 a year for a domain name.

Imagine my SHOCK when I got my domain renewal registration from Yahoo - and the cost went up by 170% !!!!!!

Guess I now have more work to do.... finding another place with which to register my website domain names..... ggrrrrrr.....


Raggy Rat said...

i certainly dont know how you keep up with all these blogs !
got lost in your blog list today !

cat xxx

Laura Lynn said...

LOL Cat!

I keep track of them in Google Reader. I can read most of them right there in the reader, and click on them if I want to go to the actual blog.

I like it because it only shows those blogs that have been updated since I visited last.

Of course, I don't have 3 little ones to look after :)