Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Found a FREE Webstore Builder!

I found a cool site yesterday offering FREE web store building! It's called I just finished setting up my store. The set up is a lot like an Etsy shop.

So far I've got one ePattern listed, but I got almost everything set up: The Home, About, Terms, Contact and FAQ pages. I still need to fill in the shipping costs which is why I only have a ePattern listed in there at the moment (no shipping on those!)

There is NO cost to set up a store, NO fee to list anything and NO fees when you sell. I believe they make money somehow with Google, but that works fine for me! I do that as well with my free patterns site ;)

Now as for teddy bear exposure - I don't think this site will help with that. I still use eBay and Bearpile as a form of advertising. But, if you have a simple website - heck, even a blog - you can then put a link on it to your eCrater store for your available bears!

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