Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Dangers of Working from Home

The danger of weight gain I mean! When I first started working from home full time, I thought "Great, now I can fit exercise into my day!" Well, 5 years later I'm still not consistent with that.

I know it's very hard to try to fit exercise into your schedule when you work another job besides your own biz. Heck, you are working 2 jobs! It can also be very easy,though, to "forget about" exercising if/when you start to work full time from home.

Our health is very important!!! If you work from home full time - if you don't work - you don't get paid! No sick days - so it's especially important to keep healthy.

I'm trying to fit walking into my schedule... just on my block. I can't do much more than that anymore because of my bad back. (I used to jog!) For me, I have to choose an exercise that is easy and convenient to do. If I have to drive somewhere to do it, it will NEVER get done!

However, I'm not doing very well right now... I've got 2 shows coming up soon -- so what's the first thing to get eliminated from my schedule? Exercising. NOT a good idea!!

Hmmmm... maybe now that I've talked about it "in public" it may help me to be better disciplined about it. One can only hope!!!

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