Sunday, November 4, 2007

You NEED an End to Your Work Day!

I've been getting ready for shows for several weeks now - which meant working ALL the time. Hubby had made a few "funny" remarks about it and I thought he really was making jokes.

Well, my last show was last weekend and I'm finally getting back to my version of normal. That's when I realized that I don't think the funny remarks were just jokes.... although they were said in a playful manner!

My "workday" ends at 4pm - normally. That's when it's time to feed my whippet Girls, take them out and start dinner. These last few weeks I've been feeding them and taking them out real quick in the back yard.... and then squeezing in some more work time -- then jumping in on dinner prep - eat - dishes - and back to work.

Yesterday I finally stopped at 4pm, fed the Girls and took each of them for a walk on our block. It was WONDERFUL!!! When you work away from home, you have your commute home (be it driving, train, bus) to kind of unwind for the day. When you work at home - we often jump right from working on work to working on house stuff - ie: dinner.

Now after dinner I did some more things that were business related - but it was because I wanted to - and it was more relaxing.

It is VERY important to remember to have an "end" to your regular work day and to have SOME way to wind down. If you don't, you may find yourself in burnout someday -- or having some unhappy family members who say all you do is work!

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