Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Money Saving Tips - Buy in Bulk

I'm back! Sorry for the long absence. Taxes are done and life is getting a little more orderly.

As I was getting my life into some type of order, I was going through my bear making supplies. I noticed that I was getting a bit low on some necessities.... namely joint discs.

As I was going to place my order for another hundred of the 3 sizes I needed... I took a good look at the pricing and realized I was throwing money away here.

Although I use 3 different suppliers, I get most of my joint discs from Edinburgh Imports.

Edinburgh has discounts on disc quantity purchases. I realized that I would save not only $2.40 per pack of 100 1 1/4" discs -- if I bought them 1000 at a time -- I'd also save on shipping as I would have them shipped all at once instead of many times during the year. (They also have quantity pricing on eyes too)

You can also save money for the year if you order supplies now... from anywhere really. I know UPS prices are going up, I've heard the post office prices are going up... and that some bear making suppliers also need to increase their prices. Not sure if Edinburgh is one of those suppliers... but I wouldn't be surprised.

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